We need a similar app to uber minus all the location and gps location.

we will need two apps one for our customers and one for our employees.

employee app- log in/name/address/zipcode/products/pricing database

employee app-  sale count /promo code count/ pay count  database

employee app- product/date/time/mobile/email   push confirmation notification


Customer app

Login/password/name/address/zipcode/phone number/ email  – database

search product/date/time/promo code/employee preference  – database

select  nearby product/employee for service/price  – database

cancelation fee notification prior purchase

credit/debit card -database linked to accounts

push confirmation notifications

push rating notifications


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About therabase

moving our business in to various cities fast.

once this app is up and running, we will have more opportunity for more much more work with us in the future. Lots of opportunity to be full time with us once job is completed.