We are a new start-up – aiming to transform the way people approach & view mental wellness. There is longstanding stigma & issues around affordability & lack of access around mental health services – meaning that 70% of the 450 million people worldwide suffering from mental illness cannot access therapy! There has been a burst of e-therapy products coming into the market that start to address this – but still don’t address the ley facts that 50% of people don’t believe therapy is enough. We believe we have the solution – and with the enormous focus on the subject in the media at the moment, the time is now to get it out there!

We are looking for either an experienced CTO and/or new members of our development team.

We will first be launching an app in IOS and a website, followed by an Android app.

For our CTO – we are looking for someone who is not only a fantastic developer, but can lead the development team and help to direct the business strategy from a technological standpoint. Relevant experience, a commercial mindset & great people skills are a must. Passion for the cause would be a massive bonus!

For our development team, we are looking for someone who can help to build a modern product with fantastic UX & design. Whether this comes as a full stack developer, IOS specialist or graphic designer – we are open – but we would love to hear all about your skill sets.

Please email us at michelle@pocketguruapp.com to apply or hear more.

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